Thursday, 17 March 2011


The Hague matter has divided the rulling class and the people alike. While it is obvious that Kenyans support the Hague trials, the leaders have tried tirelessly to impose a local tribunal on Kenyans. Opinion polls carried out on the matter will be testimony that Kenyans have started lostening to their leaders. Support for the Hague trials has been gradually decreasing since 2009, from about 80% to 60%. Political analysts say that a lie said many times becomes true. Kenyans are slowly accepting that delivering the Ocampo six is tantamount to losing our sovereignity. Critical thuinkers will ask why that was not the arguement base when we were told not to be vague and say Hague. Anyway, am writing to show you where our leading media stations' support is. It will be noted that some are openly for the Hague options while those of a contrary opinion pretend to be neutral.

This is one stations that has perfected the art of going with public opinion for the last several months. Listening to their news will tell you where their support is, for the Hague option. They are always quick to remind us of the views of our hypocritical members of parliament before they started supporting a local tribunal. Reporters with the station have not shied away from criticizing leaders perceived to be pro-local tribunal. A case example is Kalonzo's shuttle diplomacy efforts that were the base of one news edition. Hareth Salim, a reporter with the station demonstrated to Kenya about the VP's lack of decisiveness. It will also be seen that recently, the station gave a lot of airtime in highlighting the amount of money the VP wasted in his shuttle diplomacy. Those are just but a few examples why NTV supports the Hague option and shows it.

Just like NTV, KTN is openly for the Hague option. It shows it in their news bulletin and some of the polls, they undertake. Some of those polls, though not necessarily doctored are out to show the leaders where Kenyan support is. The station is also trying to go with public opinion regularly especially due to its lost ground in terms of viewership.

For the neutral stations, here is one. SK Macharia and citizen tv owe a lot to the Kibaki government. During the Moi regime, the station was nothing but since 2003, it has become the leading station in Kenya. It is therefore funny that the station is not a government puppet. Recently, the wikileaks showed what the American ambassador thinks of the Kenyan media. He claimed that Kenyan media is too close to the politicians and therefore sometimes fails to serve its purpose. He however pointed out that SK Macharia is one of the few independent media owners. Maybe this explains why the station tries as much as possible to give us both sides of the story and even provides polls that can go either way. Recently, they asked whether you supported the mass walk out threat been issued by the African states. Such a poll can swing on either side because honestly, I know of people who strongly support the Hague option for Kenya, but don't trust the ICC fully. They say that Kenya should pull out, but after the trial of the six.

This is the only station I've come across so open in its support for the local tribunal. Their main man Jeff Koinange has been the leading soul in this fight for the Kenyan mind. They have tried to turn around public opinion on this issue. Capital talk has been used solely for this purpose. Three sides of a coin also by Jeff Koinange is another tool used. click here to read an exclusive article on this. At first I thought it was only Jeff who was doing this until I listened to their news.

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