Monday, 21 March 2011


Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka is a worried man we can now reveal. According to sources close to the vice president, Kalonzo is afraid of been sidelined by the president and his close associates who see him as the second biggest threat after Raila Odinga in the race to state house. Ruto and Uhuru have for sometime now failed to even mention Kalonzo in political rallies as they used to previously. "The KKK alliance has been turned to KK," one analyst was heard saying. In a well calculated move, the Ocampo two are out to ensure the vice president does not out shine them on any thing. They have even started to forge closer ties with Eugene Wamalwa who they consider as having little urge to ascend to the presidency, at least in 2012. This is in line with eliminating competition from within.
  It would have been expected that a lot of complementary statements would be given to Kalonzo for his effort to bring the trials home. That has not happenned so far. It is believed that the two wants Kalonzo's image to be seen as that of a failure and for that will go any mile to be far from the 'failure'. Many analysts think that the vice president is stupid enough to work day and night for the Ocampo six. The latest opinion article by Mutua Makau points to this.It read in part..

"Mr Musyoka is being played – like a flute – by President Mwai Kibaki. He erroneously thinks the PNU/KKK alliance will anoint him Mr Kibaki’s successor. Of the three PNU/KKK supremos, he thinks he’s got the best shot at State House.
This is why. He’s convinced that Finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta is “unelectable” because Kenyans will simply not put another Kikuyu in charge. He believes that the Kikuyu are beholden to him because he saved Mr Kibaki – by keeping the State House in the House of Mumbi – after the 2007 election.
He believes that Mr Kibaki and Mr Kenyatta promised to back him in 2012. This is illusory, but that’s why Mr Musyoka is “carrying water” on the Ocampo Six.
Mr Musyoka thinks that Eldoret North MP William Ruto can’t be a serious presidential candidate, and is simply a cog in the PNU/KKK plot. In his view, the Kikuyu will not support Mr Ruto for the State House."read the full article

 However, the vice president is very well aware that the president will only endorse him as the final most option. He knows that he is been used and he also knows that he will eventually be dumped. I would expect him not to know of this if he has no friends, no access to media and no brains. He has all of those and that is the reason PNU-KK is planning his downfall. They know too well that Kalonzo has the capability to overtake Raila and become their number one enemy, and they are not ready to get there. The VP will be sidelined till the election date, unless there emerges another chance for him to be used.
It is also within the PNU knowledge that the shuttle diplomacy efforts by Kalonzo may have been used to increase his overseas contacts. It is understood that Kalonzo believes that a serious presidential contender in 2012 should match Raila's overseas contacts and he took advantage of PNU-KK bait to work for him. Events coming in the next weeks will be watched keenly and you should expect more Kalonzo visits to the Rift valley and Central to get the hearts of the people he has 'worked' hard to protect 'unsuccessfully'.
 Another issue that is making PNU wary of the Vice president is the small matter of Kamukunji by election. The vice president is said to be demanding for PNU's support after having supported the latter in previous by-elections. The vice president is not ready to support Simon Mbugua, who PNU would naturally not be ready to let go. Though this issue has not been highlighted much in the mainstream media, it is believed to be a very big issue behind the scenes. PNU sees Kalonzo, the previously obedient kid, as having started to grow horns and are not ready to take any more. Kalonzo knows this and is now scheming his every move with extreme caution.

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