Monday, 16 May 2011


The world, on 16/5/11,  woke up to the news of the death of olympics gold medalist Samuel  Kamau Wanjiru. Various accounts of his death are already in circulation but the most credible one is actually the wikipedia version which claims that his wife came home from an undisclosed location only to find his husband with in the bedroom with another woman. She apparently locked them in and ran out again to an undisclosed location. Out of rage, Samuel Wanjiru jumped out of the balcony reportedly to catch up with her wife. That is the moment the 24 year old Wanjiru met his death.

The official statement from the commissioner of police however claims that he committed suicide. However many agree that it is highly unlikely that he actually planned his death.

It will be remembered that the marriage between Samuel Wanjiru and his wife has been in the rocks for quite some time now and although they had seemed to make up, that will come to doubt now that the circumstances leading to his death prove otherwise.

Among his personal achievements are the Chicago and London marathon of 2009 where he was first and of course the Beijing Olympics marathon where he also won a gold. Been only 24, a lot remained for him to achieve but fate took over. May God rest his soul in peace.

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