Friday, 11 March 2011


For the past several months, there has been this one politician who has been privately irritating me any time he came on TV, and believe me he would appear on TV very often. The anguish of watching him was too much for me that I would immediately switch channels any time he appeared. He goes by the name Jeremiah Kioni. Seriously, this is one person without a drop of charisma and zero sense of humour. His press statements were just as plain as the person himself. You may claim am too harsh on him, but I couldn't find a lighter description. Any time he is in the company of other mps he appears bossy, especially that eye. That's my honest analysis of him from the many clips I've seen on TV. His statements are always after self glorification and he doesn't listen to what he is about to say as long it will take him to the PNU good books. That is the today's version of a reckless politician. Believe me, listening to this man speak, will make you drop the respect he should have, instantly especially if you know what is happening in Kenya. He is out to take all the glory even when the idea was not his. I remember claims that were doing rounds that he was always eating other members apples, figuratively. My view of a peoples leader is one who only speaks only when it is necessary and weighs his words carefully. Until recently, I considered Uhuru Kenyatta as such a leader. Others who pass my criteria include Peter Kenneth, Najib Balala and Charity Ngilu. Jeremiah Kioni comes nowhere near. Recently it was revealed to Kenya of his other side of life by the Sunday Nation. His constituents know Kioni, not as a vocal politician, but as a stingy leader. 'After inspecting a project, he just waves at you', lifting directly from the paper. Such a description about a leader is very disastrous and I guess it may have contributed to his taking a back seat  for the past week. Anyway, whatever the reasons for his silence, may I say that I've enjoyed a full Jeremiah Kioni free week and I hope I will continue for a long time.

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