Friday, 4 March 2011


It hurts to see how far the Raila phobic people will go to eliminate him completely. Every assault they launch is falling flat and either it has no effect or in in fact harms them. Look at the nominations for instance, the intended victim trounced them all. It is not my business to lean on one side of the political divide, but am going to give a candid evaluation of the both sides of the political divide. Lets start with Raila. Lately , he has been labeled a dictator by ODM renegades and the vice president. The vice president claim that the prime minister was heavily influenced by the communist rule while he studying in Europe. I may not refute those claims but I can ask, what influence can a person living in a dictatorial country acquire, is it the dictatorial aspect of it or the 'humanitarian aspect of it' I've used humanitarian in assumption that dictatorial regimes are very oppressive. Lets not go far to Europe, back at home, we had a dictatorial regime, arguably. So what did people in Kenya wish for, or phrasing it in another way, what did Kenyans crave for. Definitely it was democracy. That shows that a person can be influenced by two parties, those in the regime or those fighting for democracy. Case example of the prime minister, ever since he completed his studies he has been fighting for democracy in Kenya. I'm not trying to lead you to believing that he was influenced by those craving for democracy in the communist rule but I want you to see the point. Come to vice president Kalonzo. Here is a well known water melon, who has tried unsuccessfully to get rid of that tag. What it means is that he cant make clear decisions. I don't know about you but I definitely would not want such a person as my president. Then comes Ruto. When Kenya was in the streets demanding for democracy, where was he? he was dining with the dictator. All of a sudden he starts pointing fingers accusing some one else as a dictator because his decision to leave ODM  is been fast tracked. Let me state here that both Ruto and Raila are dictators. The only difference is that Ruto will dictate his way to the safes of central bank, to the corridors of justice and any other place where he is out to benefit while Raila will dictate his way to building roads, and bringing order to the country, unless the Raila we knew in the 90's is different from the one we know now.


  1. I am a Kenyan, and I approve this message.

  2. I too am a Kenyan, and I approve this message.



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