Sunday, 27 February 2011


In today's Sunday Nation, Eldoret north MP has been labelled as President Kibaki's 'Mr. Fix it'. There couldn't have been a better title than that because I believe that's just what he is, a mr fix it. One who is just been used by a very clever president to fulfill the old man's revenge against the man who almost cost him the presidency three years ago. Never in Kibaki's wildest dreams has he seen a Ruto presidency. Perhaps lets go to the genesis of this game between the president and prime minister. In 2008, the people who almost cost the president his throne leaving aside the leaders, are the kalenjin. Rift valley was on fire, literally, and virtually ungovernable.If the president is in his right mind, which I believe he is, then he has not forgotten that.
The president is equipped with vast evidence on his desk which I believe would give the ICC judges a walk in the park in sealing Ruto's fate. The question is, how can the president know too much about his new found ally and hand him the keys to statehouse? The answer is straight foward, he cant and will never hand the keys to Ruto. The president is only human and for that he will stand by his people back in central who will never accept this man Ruto, or at least Lucy, who has a more fragile heart will persuade him to. So what is Ruto's role in Kibaki's succession plan and what is the succession plan.
Its said that you cant teach an old dog new tricks. Kibaki is the old dog and the new trick is nationalism. What the president has not started to comprehend is that tribal politics have no place anymore. I can bet Uhuru is Kibaki's sole heir according to the old man. Ruto is a strategic ally been made to believe that he has a chance of getting the throne. As you will find out in the coming months, he will stick with this belief until the final minute when he will in fact realise he was been used all along and at that moment it will be impossible for him to defect. He will start singing UK's praises throughout the country.
What the Kikuyu will never do in any foreseeable future is to forgive Ruto for what he did three years ago and am sure we all know that the president is a kikuyu. With the tribalism part of it and the events of 2008, Ruto has no room in state house come 2013 in the presidents plan. The fact that guides the president in his close association with the Eldoret north Mp will and has always been the numbers he can deliver for Uhuru.


Kenya has become a very rotten society and it does not make sense for us to blame our leaders for what they do. It is said that the leaders of a society are a clear picture of the society itself. In any case, before they became part of the elite society they were just commoners. People are always swift to claim that corruption is very ripe in government circles yet they don't see it within their own circles. The same people who shout loudest might maneuver their way to power and most end up just like the people they were criticizing. This tells us that we need to bring up  a society that is very civilized and respectful for the law, But if the latest pictures doing rounds on the internet are anything to go by, we have a long way to go. How can people engage in the holy adventure in broad daylight, at a public place and in full glare of the camera. I really hope they didn't know the camera was around because if they did, we are doomed. Our leaders will emulate us and Kenya will be heading no where.

Friday, 25 February 2011


Tourism minister Najib Balala was one of the key pillars of the orange party in 2007, better known as pentagon. He is credited with delivering a significant number of the coastal vote Ralia's way. He is undoubtedly a man with lots of charisma. He is also said to be a man who knows when to play politics and when to work, unlike most of the politicians. For this he is credited with bringing back the tourism industry to its feet after a near collapse in 2008. It would be anyone's dream to be interviewed on CNN, his is no longer a dream as it came to pass thanks to Richard Quest. Kenyan's are however curious of the fact that of late, Balala has been pulling away from Raila's flock. The past week saw two major events in politics. Starting with Raila's rally at Tononoka and Kibaki's 'handing over victory to Raila' ceremony.
  At Tononoka, Balala was conspicuously absent. You have to note that Tononoka is in Balala's constituency. Apart from that, he is supposed to be a senior member of the orange party and since he has not openly criticised the prime minister, it was expected he would be there. Another significant event at Tononoka was Hassan  Joho being the MC. He is the De facto arch rival to Balala's reign at the coast and I'm made to believe that it was no coincidence. Later in the week, during Kibaki's press conference, Balala was present. At the end of the president's statement, he rushed to shake the president's hand. Definitely this was his way of telling the country where his loyalty belongs.
   With all those figurative actions, plus many others, Kenyan's will ask, what did Raila do to Balala. Many will speculate but it will all lead to one reason, Raila might have broken a promise he made to the pentagon. So far the pentagon has lost the services of Ruto, Balala and it is speculated Ngilu is heading for that route.Another credible reason would be that Balala is out to punish Raila due to the latter's close association with his arch rival Hassan Joho.Whatever the reason, the prime minister should not let Balala go that easily. Though Joho might deliver some votes for the prime minister, Balala might spoil the party, assuming Mwakwere does not pass between them.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


With the latest events witnessed in the country over the past two months, many will agree that the prime minister is losing more friends than he is making. This statement has a lot of weight and the prime minister is not taking it lying down. Sources in the know say that the prime minister is in the process of formulating a blueprint that will take him to the house on the hill. We can now reveal some of its main contents.
The prime minister fully understands that there is ground he cant afford to lose. This  is his own nyanza, that is safely in the bag, and neighboring western. If latest events are anything to go by, western is gradually coming out of its grip. This is attributed to the emergence of a leader to contradict Mudavadi coming in the name of Eugene Wamalwa. Ever since Citizen TV built the political stardom of Eugene, he has always been campaigning against Raila and he seems to be making some ground. Intelligence reports within the centre of orange house say that if he is not checked, by the end  of the year western will be his. Raila is also faced with the dillemma of dumping Mudavadi for the more charismatic Eugene but that, he knows too well will be a PR disaster. The prime minister has however decided that he will make sure he has both in his bag. Of late, he has been trying to bridge the gap between him and Eugene away from the cameras. An offer for a ministerial appointment come 2013 is said to be on Eugene's table. Eugene reportedly is weighing his options on whether to take it or not but sources close to him say that he will. In this move which will be revealed within the next several months, he is guided by two schools of thought. It has occurred to him that he is not a major player in either side. Joining PNU side would emerge as a more raw deal for him. He is also aware of an ancient prophecy by Masinde Muliro, a very respected man in western, saying that the luhya would get to power through the lake.From whatever dimension you look at it, the lake's only hope for power in any foreseeable future is Raila. Eugene sees himself as a likely man to fulfill that prophecy, but Raila first has to be in power come 2012. However, one thing Eugene is worried about is the ability of the new constitution to accommodate him in the cabinet. Although experts say its possible, it will be a big risk to sacrifice a parliamentary or senate position. Only days will tell if Eugene will jump into Raila's ship but if his open disagreement with the way Ruto and his allies were handling Marende's ruling is anything to go by, then its just a matter of time.


President Kibaki surprised friends and foe by giving in to unprecedented pressure from all corners. Some people will most probably believe that he has a game plan and that was part of it. I beg to disagree. Kibaki's game plan was thrown into disarray and he allowed Raila to defeat him again. Right from the word go, Kibaki expected an easy ride through every institution he thought he controlled. He was sure that his new found friends from the rift would help him tame Raila once and for all. Never in his plan, that was crafted by Kivutha Kibwana did he foresee an onslaught even from his very trusted friend, the ever smiling attorney general. Reportedly, this plan was crafted just before Kibaki's 'healing and reconciliation' tour of the north rift. The visit was supposed to be his way of telling ODM renegades that he was ready to help them but they had to help him first. His new found advisers, coming in the clothes of number 1,2 and 3 of the Ocampo six, were aware of this masterpiece long before Orengo told the world. They were also aware that the decision had to go through Marendes desk but they were sure it was too hot a list for Marende to handle. Everything was going according to plan including Marende's decision to throw the matter to the pnu saturated committees. It is important to note that William Kirwa who is a foe to the Eldoret noth m.p. was on the list with Ruto's blessings. This was to serve as an ego booster for Ruto and proof that the committees were capable of being objective in their decisions since it was clear he would be rejected. In a view of killing many birds with one stone, it was also their plan to portray Raila as someone always in disagreement. Kibaki was ready to let all the crisism pass under the bridge sure that parliament would approve the names until the unbelievable happened. Marende did what they never thought he could do. The fury of the president was clear during the press conference the other day. He was determined to fight to the ground by claiming he would wait for the constitutional court's decision until he went back to the records and found that he had lost his friend the attorney general. Been president he was not ready to face another embarrassment and he quickly informed the Ocampo 3 of his decision to hand over victory to the prime minister, just like that.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


That pnu-kkk planned to censure marende is very unprofessional. Reportedly they met immediately after the landmark ruling and decided to use every trick in the book to attach a link between marende's ruling and Railas hidden hand.They however agreed not to censure him in parliament but in public. That was very bright on their side. They went ahead and attacked marende at every opportunity and may seem to have succeeded. I however believe that their strategy which is always contradicting public opinion will backfire on them. Over the last several weeks, they have always gone against the wishes of the majority of Kenyans. From shutter diplomacy or whatever they call it, to raising funds for the Ocampo list of millionares to supporting the controversial list of nominees. An increasing number of independent thinkers that is coming up in Kenya might never forgive them for what they are doing. I think they should go back to the drawing board and restrategise on various issues.


For the last three years, our country has been treated to a lot of unhealthy politics on a daily basis. From portfolio balance to who between number two and three is really number two, to 'nusu mkeka', leader of government business ,the consultations , the new constitution and the ensuing 'forced by the people to be green theory' and then we are back to the consultations. Is Kenya the most political country? That's a subject of discussion and many wise men will provide examples of other more political nations. I however will state, on my inaugural blog, that Kenya's politics are excessive, unhealthy and entertaining. That is definitely the reason why most popular TV shows will touch on it and capitalize on it. Kalonzo will never forgive himself for telling the whole world that he is a watermelon. Any class 4 kid will tell you that thanks to Churchill Live.It will be very interesting to watch what will transpire between now and 2012 but I can tell you for sure a lot will.

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