Tuesday, 8 March 2011


What is the government planning? It is a well known fact that the Americans and the Britons will veto Kenya's deferral issue. The ambassadors have said it over and over and I'm sure that the president and his puppet the vice president are aware of this. So what are they planning? Why should they waste the tax payers money for a cause that failed even before the plane left? The most credible school of thought is that the president and his new found advisers are preparing the ground for a non- compliance with the announcement that the Pre - trial chamber is about to make. They have already made up their minds that no one is going to the Hague and nothing will stop them, not even the west. It has been planned within the walls of state house that a propaganda machinery is going to be rolled out immediately after USA and Britain veto the the deferral  case. The government will use every trick in the book and almost every cent there is to paint the two countries as having a hidden agenda, in the assumption that the rest of the permanent members among them China will have endorsed the idea. The PNU side of the government will then blatantly refuse to forward the Ocampo six to the Hague claiming a political scheme by the west to get rid of some leaders. Not forgetting the only man who can forward them to Ocampo come 2013, they will claim that Raila is a hired politician out to serve the interests of the west. This propaganda will be preached countrywide and it is their belief that it will tilt the voting pattern to their favour.

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