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In a view to overturn public opinion on the hague matter, the Ocampo six have exausted all the tricks in the book and have started inventing new ones. Opinion polls carried out by different pollsters have showed a consistent public support for the Hague option. The NSIS is also said to have carried its own opinion polls and they just confirm what synovate and infotrack have been telling Kenyans. One of the tool that can change public opinion is the media, but unfortunately, the media in Kenya is openly for the Hague option. However, since Ocampo mentioned the names of the suspect, there has been this one person who has not hidden his open support for the local option. Jeff Koinange has consistently highlighted the dark side of ICC in what I see clearly as a tactical move to calm the public disapproval for a local tribunal. Whether or not he is acting on his own or is under the influence of some powerful politicians is not the reason of my writing. Yesterday (11/3/011) as I was watching Capital talk, I confirmed what i had suspected for many days. Jeff Koinange is part of a wide scheme to derail justice.
Why for instance should he bring that author every time Ocampo makes a big move. Yesterday was not the first time that David Hoile appeared on the bench. To the best of my knowledge, he has been there twice,and every time he is on the bench, he is openly for a local tribunal and he produces all facts there are, whether true or false to make Kenyans change their view of the Hague option. There is this book he has written going by the title, The icc, Europe Guantanamo Bay , and it reportedly provides all the facts about a rotten ICC.
I acknowledge that what he is saying is to some extent true, but I ask, what is he doing in Kenya in the first place. Once is understandable, but more than that is more than a coincidence. I did a search on him and what I found was not anything that Jeff tells us about him.

David Hoile is a man who is ridden with controversy all his life. He has written several books, all of which a full of controversy. He has written widely about the Darfur war and other world events. To the controversial side of his life, his book about the Darfur war is used as a reference material by  a Canadian oil company going by the name Talisman Energy. Talisman energy is said to be one of the single biggest beneficiary of the Darfur war where oil is concerned. Without getting to the details, David Hoile earned himself the title, MERCENARY AUTHOR FOR HIRE. Talisman recruited him to write about the war in words favourable to  the oil giant. David Hoile is also on record as having openly advocated for the hanging of Nelson Mandela. He has also written various publications that favor renowned terrorists groupings. Back to the Darfur issue, it is an open secret that he was on the payroll of the Khartoum government, that was by the way committing genocide, solely for publication mattes.

Recently David Hole attended a Kenya government briefing on the ICC at Croydon Park Hotel in London. Also in attendance was Stephen Njiru, a legal advicer in PNU. Why is the government showing so much interest in this man? The answer is in the question. In his book about the ICC, he has recommended that African countries should stage a mass pullout from the Rome statute. You will remember that idea been floated some days back by our members of parliament. That is not even what is surprising, he has written that there were instances when witnesses would revoke their statements while on the stand, admitting they were coached by NGO's to give false statements. If this man was not working with William Ruto, then it is a BIG coincidence. Remember the KNCHR saga.
I further embarked on finding out when the book was published and that was on May last year. That means he started working on it late 2009. Either this David is a bright opportunist who knows when a book will sell, especially in Kenya, or a MERCENARY AUTHOR FOR HIRE.I would not be surprised if he is on treasury's pay roll
With so much stain on David Hoile, especially on his background, why would Jeff Koinange recommend him to us, simple, there is another agenda. Owing to the fond relationship between Jomo Kenyatta and Mbiyu Koinange, it is understandable that Uhuru and Jeff are good buddies who will do anything to save each other's ass. I however recommend that you should not take Jeff Koinange seriously any more. He is no longer the, 'when I grow up I want to be Jeff ' kind of guy. Its time you believe in what is good for Kenya, disregarding  politicians and other people of influence who have hidden agendas.Remember that Jeff Koinange is the executive producer of Capital talk and the back bone of K24. Whatever guests he brings on the show are for him to decide, simply, in such a case as highlighted above, he works as Jeff, not as K24.


  1. Well, you seem like someone who can do a lot of research only to end up rubbishing whoever doesn't agree with your political inclinations. Why don't you research and expound on a statement made by one of the current ODM MP's - during 2007 campaign period - live in one of the media houses then tell us about ICC and Jeff?

  2. why have you rubbished the facts just because they don't favour your political inclinations. you should first accept they are true then give suggestions.



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