Thursday, 24 March 2011


Vice president Kalonzo Musyoka is walking on a tight rope in his eastern region. According to sources close to the VP, Kalonzo is afraid of losing his backyard to new entrants and his perenial arch rival Charity Ngilu. Documents been held by the VP's close allies point to meetings Charity Ngilu has been having with local leaders in the region in a view to reclaim her support. What is even more worrying to the VP is the fact that most of those local leaders approached by Ngilu have assured her of their support. Kalonzo has all along known that his grip of the region has been fragile and he somehow managed to hold it in 2007 only because he ran for presidency. He knows that the way things stand in PNU, he can never get their endorsement come 2012 and that will complicate his run for the presidency. He sees a risk of been out of parliament if he runs for presidency without a strong backyard.

Ngilu aside, the other big threat to the vice president's grip of eastern is Mutula Kilonzo. Rumours have been doing rounds that Mutula's recent actions of standing by the constitution always are his preparation of a higher office. The VP knows too well that the minister of justice was admired most by the public during the latest events as opposed to him who emerged as a PNU-KK puppet. Wavinya Ndeti is another person who the vice president sees as a potential threat in his reign. However Wavinya is considered close to Ngilu and Kalonzo expects that she would support the water minister.

The vice president is said to be seeking services of  experiences strategists and political analysts to work his way to the eastern throne.


  1. I think Kalonzo should really be a worried man. I think Mutula poses the largest threat not Ngilu.

  2. Another Raila-mania propaganda blog. You've forgotten to post the platitudes on the undisputed safi kama pamba prince.



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