Saturday, 26 March 2011


This is totally the beginning of the end of vice president Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka for it is a well known fact that the last person's path anyone would wish to cross is the first lady's. The VP did just that. Any little hope of a presidential endorsement from the first family ended soon after wikileaks struck. The VP was aware of what was about to get out and what will continue coming and he was quick to call the leaks the work of a very creative mind. Whatever was in his mind when he was telling the Ameerican ambassador what he told him, whether true or false was nowhere near 'a leak would occur'. Thats why politicians, and not just Kalonzo were trembling when they heard of wikileaks, remember Jamhuri day.
Kalonzo has officially broken out with the first family and his presidential ambition for 2012 has been severely damaged. He was quick to quell any thoughts that he actually said that by once again brandishing them some work of a very creative mind. I believe the strong face he wears on TV is not the same he will be wearing when he steps into state house. I even doubt he will enter it any time soon. It is very predictable what will happen when he bumps into Lucy on the corridor.

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