Wednesday, 6 April 2011


William Samoei Ruto, former agriculture minister and higher education minister, king of the rift, and the second on the KKK platform, this letter is adressed to you and I will make it short and straight foward. I will not highlight the things that are common knowledge to any one with an iq of between lower middle and ultra high. Such things include: 1. You will spend many years  in the Hague
                              2.  You are accused of mass murder and mass deportation of people.
                              3.  The latest opinion poll shows that 61% of kenyans believe you are guilty, that's why
                                    they support the Hague.
                              4.  Ocampo has enough evidence to make you be found guilty at least twice.
                              5.  There is no way you will ever escape justice.
                              6.  You are on record for claiming that justice would only come from the Hague.

That is not breaking news to any one I believe, its just that people like calling a spade a big spoon. Lets not lie to ourselves, you are in deep trouble and you know it. Of the six  suspects, you know that your chance of been declared innocent is the least. You have invoked the name of God in public rallies continuously and the crowd cheers even after I warned you. Definitely, no one cooks ugali for God, that's why He won't forget PEV victims. You have mastered the art of deceit and you don't even twink an eye. You have taught yourself how to raise eye brows wherever you pass. You have known how to use others knowledge to your advantage, for instance you have used a trick created by David Hoile in his book where he accuses NGO's of  coaching ICC witnesses, are you surprised? read on that story here. Still continuing, you have known how to interact with the press unlike your colleague Uhuru Kenyatta.

There is no doubt you are a person of very high intelligence. God created you and sent you as a leader, one who would bring change, one who would impact lives, one who would develop Kenya, ONE WHO COULD BE PRESIDENT. The last is could, you have all the necessary ingerdients in you to make a very good leader, except one, integrity, or lets say two, greed. Greed for power & greed for wealth. The latter can be explained by your constant court cases, and your un realistic vast resources. The former can be explained by the 2008 violence, and that's where we are.

You have claimed time and again that the person you fought so hard to be president left you at your time of need, but I pose the question, did you fight for a Raila presidency because you believed he was the best option, or because you wanted to have control of rift valley and used him as your ladder for the crowning moment. Well, since you are politician, any of the reasons is understandable. Next, did you desert Raila because you lost faith in his leadership, or because he had served his purpose. Well, since you are a politician, any of the reasons is still understandable.

You are in deep shit as I correctly mentioned above. This follows your actions between 2006 and 2008. Mr Ocampo has enough evidence to show that you started planning for the violence way before the election time. This is supported also by numerous stories that I have heard been narrated in malls, offices, kindergarten and everywhere else. As if not enough you have insulted Ocampo's  integrity and intelligence publicly and that can make him turn it into a personal duel. He might be quietly working overtime to ensure you get the maximum sentence.

I believe you are the saviour Kenya has been waiting for. But you are a different kind of saviour. Through you, impunity will end. Through you, election violence after every five years will end. Through you, leaders will start acting responsibly. Your ,very likely, eventual life sentence will change Kenya's political landscape forever. You will go down in history as THE LAST LORD OF IMPUNITY. good bye mr. ruto, good bye...


  1. Ruto, you have to face it. you burnt kenya and now Ocampo, on behalf of kenya will burn you.

  2. Nice article



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