Monday, 4 April 2011


Hon Najib Balala, you have let me and many other Kenyans down. Before the last couple of days, I believed you were more a of leader than a politician. I believed you would be someone Kenyans can look out for if they ever wanted a good leader come 2012 or any other year that following. No one would have convinced me that you are capable of putting your personal, selfish interest above that of the country. I know you are a politician at the end of the day but I believed you were one of the few sober ones, but over the last few days you have been working overtime to prove me wrong. I thought you had finally joined the league of Gitobu Imanyara and Martha Karua and even Mutula Kilonzo. But what do you do, you give in to pressures of impunity and let many people down.  What am talking about is your latest association with the Ocampo two.

Balala, it is your right to choose whoever to associate with at any time but you have to understand something. A national sober leader relinquishes some of his rights the time he sets himself for national duty. One of that right is the right of association. Not that it is written in any law book, but lets just call it an unwritten rule of nationalism. I have to agree with some of the people I have heard talking that you will soon lose your national image. Mr. Balala, you have done so much for Kenya undeniably. You revamped our tourism sector after what befell us in 2008. Many credits to you for sure.
Until recently, you avoided direct confrontations and political bickering. Whoever advised you to join the PNU-KK band wagon made a mistake and a big one. Any person in his right mind and from whatever tribe would be lying to himself deliberately, by talking of the innocence of the Ocampo six, or at least the Ocampo two. Lets not kid here, even before Ocampo read his list, it was well known. Tribalism has gotten into people and now they are playing selective amnesia. Let me leave the facts aside. Knowing this too well, because I presume you Knew pretty much while in the Pentagon, why would you join people who have left so many scars in the lives of  Kenyans. Why Mr. Balala. I thought you were more creative than that. The fact that you still want to become politically relevant does not mean you join the camp out to deny Kenya justice. You had multiple choices and you chose the wrong one.
Maybe Raila did some thing to you as I had highlighted here, but teaming up with public enemies to eliminate a common enemy is just not right. First of all, most of what is said in those rallies is daylight non-truth and you condone it. Look at Martha or Peter Kenneth or even Gitobu, they don't like Raila but do they join public enemies? Believe me I would have voted for you any time, if you had teamed up with such persons.
Anyway, maybe you want to be in the government. That's natural but Sir you will still not be in it since there is room for only one politician and definitely not you. Maybe you should have spared your nationalistic dignity and made the right decision, because either way you would have lost nothing.

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