Friday, 8 April 2011


created by . william ruto          Executive producer.Henry Kosgey
directed by. william ruto           Director of photography. Joshua sang
                      inspired by.  raila odinga
                                                   PG 45
25.8.06 .1529 H .GMT+3.Eldoret town

In a small room at  spark hotel in the city of Eldoret, sit four men. The leader of the four is well built but not muscular, tall and appears to be respectable. Next to him is a tall man, light skinned and appears equally respectable. On the other side of the oval table, sits a short and dark skinned man, dressed in a black oversized jacket. Next to him is another man dressed in a casual brown jacket, a pair of black jeans and some white sneakers, he appears to be in his early sixties. The leader stands up and gives some instructions to everyone and leaves the room. Everyone else does the same at different times.

 16.9.06 . 1906H

Enjoying some barbecue with his family outside his mansion, Williamson's phone rings. He looks at the number and excuses himself. The voice on the other side murmured something to do with 5 months.

28.02.07 . 0107H . GMT+3

A group of around ten men arrives in a white van at a mansion in the rift valley, Williamson's mansion. The gatekeepers  had been made aware of the arrival and  so opened the gate without delay. In the mansion was William and the man he had shared  a cup of coffee with 6 months ago. He is his deputy and his name is Henric. The ten men make themselves comfortable till after around 1 hour where they get to the main business of the day. Some red liquid is brought in a giant guard and after some rituals, each of them take a sip. They all swore in williamson's name. There was no turning back.

30.06.07 . 0219H. Eldoret

Two trucks arrive at Williamson's mansion. The guards did their duty and soon everyone was in the compound. Parked inside the compound was another smaller truck that had arrived there 3 hours back. Some small speeches were given and finally the smaller truck was opened. Inside was a huge collection of rifles. At least 200 AK 47, 120 AK Draco carbine, several Uzi's, many grenades and grenade launchers and a few bullet proof vests. Everyone got atleast two rifles with instructions on who to give the extra one.

09.10.07.  2145H. Kuresoi

Mary was just preparing to go to bed. She is generally a late sleeper but on this particular day she would have slept earlier had her husband not gone for a drinking spree, Her three children were dead asleep. Just when she locked her bedroom door, she heard very loud chants outside and without a doubt they were mentioning her second name. Some bottle with a flaming cloth was thrown into her house. She had heard of petrol bombs and she was now seeing a petrol bomb. Soon the kids woke up to the chocking of smoke. Mary tried to get open the door leading outside and something or rather someone cut her right hand  to the elbow. The kids tried to do the same and two of them lost their hands too. 
Their ash was buried three days later.

20.12.07. 0645H .Kapsabet  7days to D day

In a very busy market stood a very visible pole. It had become a monument there and it could not escape anyone's attention. This particular morning it was attracting unusual attention. On top of it was a female head. The owner of the crucial organ must have been in her late 80's. Laying around the market place were  several leaflets warning certain people that their fate was sealed and the same would happen to them.

28.12.07 .2000H Through out the rift valley.

All known weaponry was unleashed in the province targetting particular persons. Machettes, bows and arrows, grenades, G3's and anything normally used to safeguard the people was used to kill the people. Thousands ran from their home to any safe location, or though they thought. Police deliberately refused to take any of those running in their stations and churches were the next 'safe' place.

01.01.08. 0000H. Kiambaa

Tens of women and children and even men had crowded  Kiambaa PCEA church hoping that God would protect them from there. Mean while in Nairobi, Williamson gave marching orders for a mission which would be made public very soon. A gang of uncountable number of men launched an attack from everywhere and almost all the refugees ran inside the church. Just what they wanted. Several tanks of fuel were poured inside and around the building and a fraction of the human race died inside. 
one of the scenes in the movie

one of the scenes in the movie
This whole thing is fiction and all names used in the play in no way refer to any one .Any coincidence is highly regretted. 
Coming soon part 2

one of the scenes of the movie

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