Tuesday, 19 April 2011


According to Rev. Timothy Njoya, Kenyans are mistaking the two thieves on the cross for Jesus Christ and the two thieves are working hard to make people believe that they are in deed the sons of  God, going down because of the sins of others and will eventually come out heads high. According to Njoya, they are making us believe they will have suffered not for their sins but for the sins of one man they love referring to as Kimundu.

That was Njoya on Capital talk, and his words, though said in a rather radical manner should get Kenyans of goodwill thinking and reasoning. Njoya appeared very disappointed in the men of cloth who have been offering prayers to the Ocampo 3. I use 3 because I have listened to the voice of Kenyans who have raised concern over the victimization of the whole bunch of Ocampo 6, yet it is only one half that has the guts to open their mouths and feed Kenyans what they themselves don't even believe in. Njoya went ahead and commended Cardinal Njue and cannon Karanja for not joining those in the entourage. That opened my eyes to the fact that on national holidays, or when an event beneficial to the nation is taking place, that is the caliber of religious men who will be invited. For the dirty works however, only those business men hiding behind the pulpit plus a few select men from the mainstream church who are after building royal contacts, will be invited. As all this is happening, a group of IDP's is on their way to Nairobi from Gilgil on foot. No religious leader is waiting to meet them.

What has Kenya become? Where in the world would priests compromise their faith to such an extent. Dining with sinners was Jesus' hobby but for the sole purpose of converting them to believers. The opposite is true for our case. 'Bishops' are dining with 'tax collectors', who by the way collected all the tax in '92 and spread it in 2008 for obvious reasons, not to convert them but to receive favours and maybe some of the tax from them. I would love to see a follow up by our mainstream media on the credentials of some of these pastors, but with stations like Citizen which will give suspects of crimes against humanity a whole free 5 hours of airtime as their homecoming gift, then I may never see that happening any time soon.

It is time Kenyans single out the crosses of the two criminals and stop deliberately mistaking them for Jesus' cross. It is time Kenyans crucify Barnabas.

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  1. Julius Kiplagat Ruto2 October 2012 at 01:33

    Wise words coming a man of God. Rev., it is realy disgusting & painfull for those Men in cloth to compromise the word of God for their greedy needs. Will Kenya one 1 stand for justice?



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