Sunday, 10 April 2011


Joshua arap sang, the most famous venercular radio presenter in Kenya, I greet you in the name of the true God. The God who does not eat ugali in anyone's house, and the God who does not let his children suffer in camps while those responsible are driving posh cars. I have no right to judge the religious you but I have reasons to believe we don't worship the same God. I apologise if I have gone off the mark but you have been hardened enough to bear with such remarks.

Mr. Sang, you have a gifted voice, a radio voice which you were surely given by my God. You have sweet words, if I were still in elementary school, I would have said they are sweet enough to get the snake out of its hole. You have impacted lives unlimited. For very valid reasons multitudes listen to you every morning religiously and you somehow glue them to their speakers. They trust you so much that they fund raise for your trip to Den Haag.None of your flock will hear anything of you been guilty.

It would be anyone's desire to get such following. The other two people who have it in their bag are Raila Odinga and William Ruto. The two are politicians but you are not. You are part of the most trusted body in the republic of Kenya, the media. You have a duty to bring Kenya together through your words. Looking  two years back, what did you do? You broke that duty bestowed to you by my God. Because of you, thousands were displaced and some are, still.

Now before anyone reminds me that you are innocent till proven guilty, let me state here that I am very aware of that and very much respect that. For justice to be seen to be done, you have to be given a chance to give your side of the story. But Kenyans of at least lower middle IQ understand that that is just a formality to eventually seal your fate. You put yourself in this mud and now you are muddy, very muddy. Mummy will lock you in the house till that time she decides you are mature enough to play clean. I see a situation where mummy will never be convinced you can play clean anymore and you will be locked in forever.

Mr. Sang, you have taken the role of a politician and have gone ahead to join them in political cum prayer rallies, praying to my God. Shame on those men of cloth who lay hands on your head. I've not seen any of them in any IDP camp doing the same to the residents there. Mr. sang, you have continued to insist you are not a politician and also not a member of ODM, yet instead of shutting your mouth like the major general and the ambassador, you have rolled up your sleeves working to convince us that you  were, are, and forever shall be a politician. Mr. Sang, you have the right height to turn it to your biggest asset as one inspekta puts it, but what do you do, well you know what you did.

Recently you have tried to convince us through the media especially through your friend Jeff, and I also understand you have done the same on 'what the world is saying' that you never spread any hate messages and all you did was to preach peace, peace and a lot of peace. I'm sure that you had the charge sheet  with you, and you never told Kenyan's that you are also accused of attending meetings planning how to cleanse the rift valley off the Kikuyu. Why haven't you been telling us that you are also accused of been given special coded messages that you spread on your show? You have only been telling us of a charge that many will for sure agree is false and rightly for reasons that they may not have heard you. Did you think it would never be known? definetly you knew it would come out but maybe your friend Ruto convinced you it was just another obstacle to power and it would be evaded easily.

Last night, 09/04/011, your friend Jeff brought the man you love hating to the bench. He confirmed that he did his own investigations and he has enough reasons to believe you are on the list legitimately. I've always wondered why you hate the man so much and I came to the conclusion that you know you are guilty but consider some others, not on the list, more guilty than you. That may be true but you have to understand that you were in a position capable of stopping the war or propelling it, but you chose the latter.

Why do I believe you are guilty as charged? well, I have friends from the rift and long before the violence stopped, they told me of your misdeeds. Soon after the Waki list was realesed, several of it were circulating in town and I had at least three different lists, I don't know which was true if any, but I know you were in all of them. I've read several reports of some unofficial 'investigators' and you feature high. Then to confirm what I had been reading and hearing, Ocampo mentioned you. Please, give us a break, why would Ocampo have sinister motives against you? Coming from Ruto is okay, but you, a nobody, why would anyone waste his time on you if you were indeed innocent?

You had a great future but you spoiled it, you have great words but you used them wrongly, you had many friends but you chose the wrong ones, now its your time to roast. I don't kow what my God has in store for you but I bet you won't be loving it.

written by, Daudi Kimathi


  1. i dont know who the blogger here is but as a media personel i believe you are biased in aserting propaganda. read the writing in the wall, what happened to innocent until proven guilty.
    you do not speak or understand kalenjin, why would you say sang looks guilty, you are writting about coded messages,
    how come i dont see any writting about uhuru hiring mungiki, why just ruto and sang, why do you write a blog fumigrating hatred, i could hardly read the whole stuff before discreding your shoddy work.

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