Thursday, 24 February 2011


With the latest events witnessed in the country over the past two months, many will agree that the prime minister is losing more friends than he is making. This statement has a lot of weight and the prime minister is not taking it lying down. Sources in the know say that the prime minister is in the process of formulating a blueprint that will take him to the house on the hill. We can now reveal some of its main contents.
The prime minister fully understands that there is ground he cant afford to lose. This  is his own nyanza, that is safely in the bag, and neighboring western. If latest events are anything to go by, western is gradually coming out of its grip. This is attributed to the emergence of a leader to contradict Mudavadi coming in the name of Eugene Wamalwa. Ever since Citizen TV built the political stardom of Eugene, he has always been campaigning against Raila and he seems to be making some ground. Intelligence reports within the centre of orange house say that if he is not checked, by the end  of the year western will be his. Raila is also faced with the dillemma of dumping Mudavadi for the more charismatic Eugene but that, he knows too well will be a PR disaster. The prime minister has however decided that he will make sure he has both in his bag. Of late, he has been trying to bridge the gap between him and Eugene away from the cameras. An offer for a ministerial appointment come 2013 is said to be on Eugene's table. Eugene reportedly is weighing his options on whether to take it or not but sources close to him say that he will. In this move which will be revealed within the next several months, he is guided by two schools of thought. It has occurred to him that he is not a major player in either side. Joining PNU side would emerge as a more raw deal for him. He is also aware of an ancient prophecy by Masinde Muliro, a very respected man in western, saying that the luhya would get to power through the lake.From whatever dimension you look at it, the lake's only hope for power in any foreseeable future is Raila. Eugene sees himself as a likely man to fulfill that prophecy, but Raila first has to be in power come 2012. However, one thing Eugene is worried about is the ability of the new constitution to accommodate him in the cabinet. Although experts say its possible, it will be a big risk to sacrifice a parliamentary or senate position. Only days will tell if Eugene will jump into Raila's ship but if his open disagreement with the way Ruto and his allies were handling Marende's ruling is anything to go by, then its just a matter of time.

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