Tuesday, 22 February 2011


For the last three years, our country has been treated to a lot of unhealthy politics on a daily basis. From portfolio balance to who between number two and three is really number two, to 'nusu mkeka', leader of government business ,the consultations , the new constitution and the ensuing 'forced by the people to be green theory' and then we are back to the consultations. Is Kenya the most political country? That's a subject of discussion and many wise men will provide examples of other more political nations. I however will state, on my inaugural blog, that Kenya's politics are excessive, unhealthy and entertaining. That is definitely the reason why most popular TV shows will touch on it and capitalize on it. Kalonzo will never forgive himself for telling the whole world that he is a watermelon. Any class 4 kid will tell you that thanks to Churchill Live.It will be very interesting to watch what will transpire between now and 2012 but I can tell you for sure a lot will.

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