Tuesday, 22 February 2011


That pnu-kkk planned to censure marende is very unprofessional. Reportedly they met immediately after the landmark ruling and decided to use every trick in the book to attach a link between marende's ruling and Railas hidden hand.They however agreed not to censure him in parliament but in public. That was very bright on their side. They went ahead and attacked marende at every opportunity and may seem to have succeeded. I however believe that their strategy which is always contradicting public opinion will backfire on them. Over the last several weeks, they have always gone against the wishes of the majority of Kenyans. From shutter diplomacy or whatever they call it, to raising funds for the Ocampo list of millionares to supporting the controversial list of nominees. An increasing number of independent thinkers that is coming up in Kenya might never forgive them for what they are doing. I think they should go back to the drawing board and restrategise on various issues.

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