Thursday, 24 February 2011


President Kibaki surprised friends and foe by giving in to unprecedented pressure from all corners. Some people will most probably believe that he has a game plan and that was part of it. I beg to disagree. Kibaki's game plan was thrown into disarray and he allowed Raila to defeat him again. Right from the word go, Kibaki expected an easy ride through every institution he thought he controlled. He was sure that his new found friends from the rift would help him tame Raila once and for all. Never in his plan, that was crafted by Kivutha Kibwana did he foresee an onslaught even from his very trusted friend, the ever smiling attorney general. Reportedly, this plan was crafted just before Kibaki's 'healing and reconciliation' tour of the north rift. The visit was supposed to be his way of telling ODM renegades that he was ready to help them but they had to help him first. His new found advisers, coming in the clothes of number 1,2 and 3 of the Ocampo six, were aware of this masterpiece long before Orengo told the world. They were also aware that the decision had to go through Marendes desk but they were sure it was too hot a list for Marende to handle. Everything was going according to plan including Marende's decision to throw the matter to the pnu saturated committees. It is important to note that William Kirwa who is a foe to the Eldoret noth m.p. was on the list with Ruto's blessings. This was to serve as an ego booster for Ruto and proof that the committees were capable of being objective in their decisions since it was clear he would be rejected. In a view of killing many birds with one stone, it was also their plan to portray Raila as someone always in disagreement. Kibaki was ready to let all the crisism pass under the bridge sure that parliament would approve the names until the unbelievable happened. Marende did what they never thought he could do. The fury of the president was clear during the press conference the other day. He was determined to fight to the ground by claiming he would wait for the constitutional court's decision until he went back to the records and found that he had lost his friend the attorney general. Been president he was not ready to face another embarrassment and he quickly informed the Ocampo 3 of his decision to hand over victory to the prime minister, just like that.

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