Sunday, 15 May 2011


That fuel money is been raised in anticipation for a hot race come 2012 is obvious. No matter how rich this greedy politicians are, they still don't want to use their money for campaigns. So what do they do, they raise the price of fuel by about ten shillings in a month and make sure it remains there till 2012. Assuming one million litres are consumed daily, that's 10 million shillings daily. Till election time that will have accumulated to almost 5 billion shillings. That is a lot of money to run any campaign by whatever standards.

The 2012 elections are ridden with a lot of uncertainty and speculation and thus need a lot of reserve just to be on the safe side. Offices that will be vied for include the governorship and senate and of course the head of state. For any one to rule this country comfortably in future, control in all this aspects has to be ascertained, and what better way to control them than having your people in them. Now, getting your people in them is the hard part and of course a lot of money will be used. No president would want to have a situation where senate orders him to hand over the ICC suspects to the Hague. None of the top contenders would desire a situation where the houses establish an independent system to try all the other suspects.

Back to the oil money, that two ministries are involved is no secret. The first and most important ministry in this arrangement is the ministry of energy. This is the one responsible with the implementation. It announces price hikes and working behind the scenes are very brilliant minds with the mandate of coming up with reasons to fool everybody every time. As with every conspiracy, the reasons have to be very technical to avoid the scrutiny of the 'ignorant' public. At times they blame the energy regulatory commission for not doing its work. With that they are just making us believe  that the ERC is a very distant entity to the ministry of energy which in reality is not true.

Ministry of finance is the other ministry in this fuel conspiracy. Its function revolve around handling the money and other logistical matters. At its helm is the man who we believe the fuel conspiracy of 2011 for 2012 revolves around.

Just a few days ago, the president convened a meeting with the minister of finance and his energy counterpart. It was widely expected that the prices would go down considerably after that meeting and also after the taxes were reduced. Several days down the line the prices went up again. What exactly was discussed in that meeting will remain a mystery but for sure nothing to do with reduction of prices was discussed. Perhaps the significance of the shillings added to every litre in relation to 2012 was explained to the president and perhaps he blessed the good thinking of his people. Don't take that seriously but maybe you should.

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