Tuesday, 17 May 2011


The remarks by Eldoret north member of parliament William Ruto concerning the appointment of Willy Mutunga shows some form of phobia for this man. Ruto commented that Mutunga's wearing of an earing shows a rotten society that can only be saved by prayers. True to his tradition, the mp also added 'salt' to the wound by claiming that Mutunga communicates with some evil spirits with the earing. This was in response to Mutunga's remarks that it represents his spirituality rather than his sexuality.

Those remarks by some one who has eyes for high office shows some form of fear. Whether Ruto fears that his many cases will be reopened or concluded in a fair system is very possible. Ruto may also be afraid of been on the same side with his sworn enemy Raila Odinga who is expected to approve the nominations. However Ruto is expected to face opposition even from his close confidants some of whom have already taken positions behind the Mutunga and Baraza.

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