Monday, 20 June 2011


For impunity to end at the treasury, Kimunya must go.Those were the words of Bonny Khalwale, the former chief prefect in Parliament. Impunity was the order of the minute in Kenya and 'IMPUNIZED' politicians tried their best not to cross Khalwale's paths. Just the thought of siphoning public money into foreign accounts was enough pressure on Khalwale's toes and few stepped his toes and failed to regret.

With the few remaining reformers from the 90's, naming but a few, Martha Karua and Gitobu Imanyara, Bonny Khalwale would be the protector of the grassroot man. When it came to matters national policies, he wanted the best for the masses, the rest fought for their a#ses. Bonny became a force to reckon with, both in parliament and beyond. He was an orator or at least he tried. His confidence was unrivaled and his intelligence unquestioned. He may have been a medical doctor but he brought lawyers to shame on matters law.

Very rarely was he associated with any tribal groupings, and for that he must have been proud. His face was intercounty and his figure national. His praises were sang from the lake to the sea through the mountains. He was strong, brave and charismatic. He united his people through a sport few would only feel safe watching from a screen. Through Khalwale, many came to understand bull fighting, and for that again, he must have been proud.

Some time back, trouble began with the man of the mass, Dr Bonny Khalwale. A court overturned his election into parliament but again he proved the court wrong by winning the seat again. Minus the fast forward, a lot happened during the campaigns and the 'enemy of the people', Prime minister raila Odinga, stepped on the late Khalwale's shoes. Just like many other politicians, he joined forces with the enemies of his new enemy. The first sign of this tragic disease revealed itself when the former hero added his voice in support for the nomination of one controversial Keriako Tobiko, as the man to supervise his new friends court cases. Many political doctors did not think it was severe, in fact the symptoms displayed a mild case of influenced decision syndrome. Arguably, it was agreed that the 'peoples enemy' was opposing the nomination he approved, through proxies, and as a rule of the game, do not side with your enemy however right he may be.

Kenyans did not read the danger signs till after Bonny treated his enemy's enemies/frenemies to a party, reportedly a homecoming party for him. One of them was the man on who Khalwale had earlier tried to duplicate his success on Kimunya. Some maize scandal had stepped on the late Bonny's toes but the culprit was lucky enough. Perhaps some one did not remind Bonny what his new friends have been accused of. Perhaps someone did not tell Bonny what one of his new friend has been up to all his life, well it may be too late now but  maybe he may read this and see that his friends are accused of:- crimes against humanity, forceful deportation of people, mass murder. Been the genius that he was, am sure he can insert whatever legal synonym and come up with a few other charges.
A few days ago, one of his new friends was found 'innocent'. Enough said. Kenyans want back their Bonny Khalwale.

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