Friday, 10 June 2011

Do You Want Keriako Tobiko As Your DPP?

The heat on one Willy Mutunga seems to have cooled down and now turning to DPP nominee Keriako Tobiko. An intelligent man by all measures, Keriako was appointed or nominated for the director of public prosecution in a less than transparent way we must admit. As opposed to the nomination o f mutunga and Baraza, the name of Keriako Tobiko only surfaced from almost nowhere.
That makes me ask the question, is there something we are not been told. Were there some powerful forces that seconded the name Tobiko and ‘appointed’ him DPP. If I were you I would not rule that out. Even before he gets the job, his name has been tarnished by allegations of corruption and lack of prosecutorial will for big guns. The Ruto land case has been given as an example. Even after new evidence emerged that a very important witness had been given an equally important job by the suspect, William Ruto, Tobiko  did not take any action.
That he has been integrated into the system is undeniable. That he is corrupt is also almost  undeniable. Sammy Kirui claims that Tobiko used proxies to demand a bribe of 5 million from him so that the case Kirui had could be dealt with. Am not saying we believe Kirui, but am saying we better take him almost seriously. Why on earth would you risk your reputation by repeating such allegations if at all they are lies?
PLO Lumumba also had his say on the conduct of Tobiko and he didn’t mince his words on the latter’s intelligence. He was however quick to point out that tobiko never used that intelligence for the good of ckrc. That he has also pointed out in his book.  Tobiko is also said to have been very close to power during the Moi days and he somehow struck a rapport with the new government and that’s how he succeeded Phillip Murgor. Seriously, I ask, do we expect someone that close to power to prosecute the same people in power?
Attorney General, Amos Wako also had his say and he heaped praises on Tobiko. Is Wako the type of man whose opinion on such a matter is seeked. Maybe because he is the attorney General he is, but because he is WAKO, I don’t think his opinion matters. I mean, to a thief, another thief is the right man. With those, plus many allegations, many of which probably will remain in the dark, Kenyans should trend carefully on this one. Don’t be blinded with, “he was the best A level student in 84”. 


  1. It's just too painful that we are going to have this guy for 8 years. Now they are rushing on the Okemo/Gichuru matter before Tuesday. After which u will never hear anything.  Those documents have been with Wako for a long time. How did they miraculously appear just when Tobiko is being exposed for inertia.

  2. I see a pattern in the kind of politicians suppot\rting tobiko. If Ruto supports you, then you are not fit for public consumption.



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